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  Dongguan Bohua Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd Founded in 2013, is a development, production and sale of industrial refrigeration equipment, professional company.

The products are mainly used in the field of high-power industrial lasers, water-cooled high-speed spindle, precision optical machinery, laboratory equipment and other professional, widely used in clothing, footwear, advertising, printing, marking, mold, glasses, chemical, toys and many other industries.

The company relying famous university research institutions, while employing a number of experienced professional R & D and technical personnel, the company R & D and production technology has been in the industry leading level.

From its inception, the company has always insisted on the concept of "quality first, service-oriented" production. CNC equipment manufacturers hundreds of domestic and foreign trust Bohua products to meet the domestic market, while exports to the world are mainly exported to the level of the developed areas of the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine Russia, South Africa, India and other emerging markets.

Efforts, we adhere to the development, design more professional models to improve the process of the original product, to increase production capacity to continue to provide quality and value-for-money brand products and services for customers.

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